True Cost of Home Delivery – Pt I of II

True Cost of Home Delivery – Pt I of II

While retailers know quite a bit about how the activities on their floor affect sales (how many ups, closing rates, average sale, etc.), many retailers, when asked, are unaware of what they actually spend on deliveries each year. If you’re one of the few retailers still offering in-house deliveries, it’s important to understand what your true Cream Chargers Delivery  cost is.

Every home furnishings retailer wants to improve their bottom line and increase profitability, however, there’s a significant hole in your wallet that’s eating up your profits with each and every delivery. In all cases, your cost to deliver goes well beyond a tank of gas and the hourly wage of a couple employees.

To begin, you must identify and control your costs in three major areas as it relates to your deliveries; Labor Costs, Operational Costs and Vehicle Costs.

Labor Costs

When considering labor costs, many retailers fail to calculate the underside of the iceberg. If a single delivery takes one hour round trip and requires two of your employees at $12.00 per hour, you just see the tip of the iceberg. However, the underside of the iceberg reveals your direct labor costs which include; FICA, unemployment, health and welfare, vacations, turnover and workmen’s comp insurance.

Take a look at one example of the direct cost for a typical employee:

Wage $12 / hr

Workmen’s comp $0.65 (6.5 %)

Pension plan $1.00 ($1.00 / hour)

Med/Social Security $0.77 (7.65%)

Personal / Sick time $0.20 (five days)

Holiday time $0.20 (five paid holidays)

Vacation time $0.40 (two week vacation)

Health insurance $3.34 (monthly cost of $550.00)

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