Fun Sightseeing Tours in San Francisco

If you’re planning to take several San Francisco sightseeing tours on your next California vacation, keep reading for an overview of some of the most popular tour companies operating in the Bay area.

Super Sightseeing Tours offers a number of tour options in the San Francisco area. They range from a simple day trip around the city to a multi-day exploration of Northern California and the beautiful wine country that surrounds San Francisco.

The cost of a ticket at Super Sightseeing is a little high. For example, their basic three-and-a-half hour tour has a ticket price of $45 – which, when you’re packed on a bus with a number of other people can seem like a lot. However, their full day tour of the nearby forests and national parks is only $78.

The Electric Tour Company is unique because they conduct their tours on Segways – these are, essentially, stand-up scooters. They offer four basic tours kayaking benidorm – the San Francisco Day Tour, the Advanced Rider Tour, the San Francisco Night Tour and the Sausolito Day Tour. Each of their options costs $70 and includes training on how to ride the Segway and use of it throughout the tour.

One of the best things about their tours is that they’re limited in the number of people they can take. The maximum number of people you’ll see in any tour group is 10, which is great and offers a very personal and engaging guided experience. Their guides are also very personable and friendly.

What sets this tour company apart from the rest is that they focus on the food of San Francisco, not the sights. They have three major tours – a Chinatown tour, a North Beach/Little Italy trip and a night excursion. Each tour takes you through the city’s coolest eateries and into back rooms to see how it’s all done. The best part? You get to eat.

The tours generally last between two to three hours and include 8 to 9 stops at various stores, cafes and restaurants. The cost is $59 for adults, but includes all your food on the tour.

If you’re a big kid at heart and have a soft spot in your heart for giant, red fire trucks, then this is the tour for you. It’s also great if you’re looking for San Francisco sightseeing tours that you can do with the kids. Their prices start at $25 for kids under 12 and go up to $45 for adults over the age of 18.

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