The Porcelain Doll Collector’s Cliff Notes on Indian Porcelain Dolls

Indian porcelain dolls have a tradition of being confused with Native American porcelain dolls. Both dolls are beautiful and well worth collecting, but you should take the time and care to differentiate between the two. In general, an Indian doll is designed to appear to be from India with the beautiful colors of the sari over a blouse known as a choli, which is adorned with mirrors and elaborate embroidery ラブドール . Petticoats are also worn beneath the sari. Their hair is styled on top or the back of their heads in a variety of styles.

A Native American doll generally has long braids that either hangs down the sides of their face or their back and is dressed in buckskin with beadwork and fringe. The hairstyles and beadwork is generally an indicator as to what tribe they represent, although some are dressed in fabrics indicating other tribes.

Indian porcelain dolls are traditionally designed as brides and dancers. They are festooned in bright colors and beautifully detailed jewelry including bangles, head pieces, nose rings, chokers and often ankle jewelry or bells making them a gorgeous splash of color in any collectors assortment.

There are also available many dolls depicting that many tribes of India that are believed to be indigenous to the area. With the primitive nature of these tribes, the dress of the dolls is much simpler, perhaps with stripes in the clothing and strings of multi-colored beads adorning them or as simple as a grass-like skirt and collar. The male dolls may have elaborate headdresses similar to Native American headdresses made from feather, bones and beads. These Indian porcelain dolls are generally depicted dancing, hunting, or doing every day tasks.

Choosing to collect Indian porcelain dolls is a challenge for even the most knowledgeable of collectors. There is a great variety in color of dress, style of jewelry, and even the hand painted faces, hands and feet. Choosing one of exceptional quality can be quite a chore. Probably the most exciting aspect is that you can find the Indian porcelain doll in the style you want in colors that will either accent or contrast your décor quite easily. They are also available in many different sizes making them easier to display. You want to look for signs of being handmade such as hand stitching when you are looking for the best quality.

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