Project Management – PRINCE 2 Core Principles

This flexible process based method involves the use of effective organisation, management and control of a project. PRINCE2 encompasses three key factors which are; 7 topics, 7 foundations and 7 processes. Each different factor is represented by its input and output, combined with certain goals that need to be reached as well as tasks that need to be completed PMP certification .

The methodology has a strict set of principles which can be applied to any type of project no matter how complex it is or where it is based. If a project is labelled or specified as a PRINCE2 project, it must adhere to the core principles of the process which are.

These factors are the foundation upon which the rest of the project management framework is based. If you’ve invested in some well designed project management courses, you should be well aware of this methodology. It’s one of the most well known processes used within this sector and is usually always included in effective project management training.

There are core rules related to authority and tolerance within the PRINCE2 project management strategy. It is based on the idea that management time should be used efficiently and so management should only be approached when necessary. This way only key decisions take up senior management time.

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