What Duties Should I Expect My Nanny to Perform?

Finding appropriate childcare for a child can be difficult, especially when both parents are working full time or when a single parent is involved. Daycare centers can be expensive, and what do you do if your child’s daycare closes due to inclement weather and the office is still open? Do you really want your child exposed to illnesses while at daycare? What if you just want to come home after a long day at work and spend time with your children, without making sure that their rooms are clean and their laundry is done? A nanny could very well be the answer to your dilemma.

A nanny is someone who comes into your home and is the primary caregiver to your children while you are at work. Typically, a nanny will make sure that the children are fed, take them back and forth to school if needed, supervise the children while they play or do homework, etc B├╝roreinigung Northeim. Basically, any task that is directly related to the children and their well being while their parents are not at home will fall under the nanny’s umbrella. This usually includes keeping the children’s bedrooms and play areas tidied up, preparing meals for the children, cleaning dishes and the meal area after a meal, loading and unloading the dishwasher, and doing the children’s laundry. Occasionally, especially in cases where a nanny is at home while children are in school during the day, a nanny will do other things around the house such food preparation for meals, grocery shopping, or errand running while the child is at school.

However, it is important to remember that a nanny’s primary responsibility is the children, therefore a nanny should not be expected to carry the bulk of the housework. While a nanny should ensure that things are picked up when the children are making messes, heavy cleaning should be left to either the parents on their time off of work, or to a cleaning service if that is what is desired. Parents who hire nannies should not expect their nanny to do laundry for the parents, errand running for the parents, vacuuming, dusting, etc. This will take away from the time that the nanny is supposed to be spending with the children.

A good nanny should not be just a babysitter. A good nanny will care for the children placed under her care. A nanny should be a friend to the children, able to listen and talk to them, to understand and respect them, and be a good role model for the children to look up to. Parents should work together with their nanny to ensure that the children are being raised to be responsible and able adults. A good nanny will keep children entertained, discipline them, teach them what it means to have good manners, and will take care of them while they are sick. As the children grow older, a nanny should be teaching them age appropriate skills that will serve them well later in life, such as folding laundry, meal preparation, cleaning up after themselves, etc.

In order for parents to retain a working relationship with a nanny, good communication is a must. Both the parents and the nanny should be able to communicate with one another about the children and the nanny’s working needs. Due to the close contact that a nanny has with her charges, children often grow attached to their nannies and treat them as valued family members. Parents and nannies often share a close working relationship with one another, based on mutual trust and concern for the well being of the children.

If you are in Direct Sales, you have probably noticed how popular theme home parties have become. These days hosts are looking for something different. We have all been to those parties where a consultant just stands up there and shows you her business products, but these days, those type of parties are becoming less appealing.

Hosts now want an interactive and fun theme party. I have compiled a list of some very popular theme ideas for you to consider the next time you are demonstrating a party for your Direct Sales home business.

1. Home Organization: These days, everyone is looking to downsize and to get better organized. If you are with a company that offers products that a customer can use to get better organized, then consider using this theme.

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4. Girls Night In Slumber Party: This theme idea will work for most of the direct sales home businesses. Girls are always looking for a reason to get together.

5. Home Daycare Owners: Millions of women run daycares out of their home and they make excellent hosts. They know plenty of parents to invite to their party plus they can invite other local daycare providers. This is a great theme if you sell children’s products as daycare providers are always looking for new things for their daycares so why not let them earn some free products by hosting a home show.

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