Asus Netbooks – What Does $350 Buy?

People with a tight budget and a need for a portable computer are in the worst dilemma ever. Should they get a refurbished notebook for pennies that may or may not die on them or get a brand new netbook? Well, read this article if you’d like to know what $350 buys you on the netbook market buy cheap high retention youtube views.

Netbooks are popular for three reasons; they’re cheap, small and have exceptionally long battery life. Whatever your reason is to look for one I suggest taking a look amongst Asus models, too. $350 right now covers an Asus 1005PE-P, which is the longest battery life model from Asus in 10.1″ category, here are the features you get for this amount of money.

1. An Atom N450 Processor. It doesn’t say much for the less computer savvy, but it’s really simple to put on the radar. It’s a single core processor clocked at 1.66GHz with a 512KB L2 cache and HyperThreading. In plain English it means that you can use it to run a browser with 15 tabs, an e-mail client, your favorite messaging client(s), Winamp and still stay able to watch a YouTube video. Basic net usage, but no compromises in that.

2. 1GB DDR2 SO-DIMM memory. It’s fairly common in netbooks to have only one gigabyte of system RAM, for what the processor is made this amount is perfectly fine, but you can always throw in another 1GB stick using the door on the bottom of the case.

3. 10.1″ screen with 1024 by 600 resolution to view webpages as they’re designed. Most web properties are made for this screen width so chances are that you won’t have to scroll vertically to read everything. It’s also LED backlit, which helps with battery life and fighting eye-strain, just make sure you don’t use the highest brightness setting unless you really have to.

4. 250GB HDD. The other option would have been 160GB and I’ve got to admit the difference is almost non-existent. Whatever you can do with a 160GB hard disk you can do with a 250GB, but it’s always nice to have some extra storage space when you need it.

5. 14 Hours of battery life. It may be hard to believe at first and considering that all manufacturers tend to suppose ideal circumstances when they measure their figures you don’t even have to. Independent tests show that you can keep on going for 12 hours using this netbook and that’s still better than anything else in the price range.

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