How Church Construction Is Done

A recent headline in a New Jersey newsstand read, “Arc Church Builders Set to Revive Old Town Anchorage.” This article from the News Journal of Trenton reported that the new owners of the former Comfort Inn among the casinos had purchased the property under development and that the church would be coming soon. The previous owners of the Comfort Inn had invested a considerable sum in the business, most of which had been set aside for the project. In the article the present owners indicated they expect a “full launch” in the fall, with the hope that the business will draw a crowd arc church builders .

Do Church of Pakistan constitution allow commercial projects?

Arc Church Builders of New Jersey was one of the investors mentioned in that News Journal story. Their web site, described as “The Gateway to Las Vegas,” indicated that they are managing the church construction part of the project. They have previously built the Ascolona Synagogue in Tucson, Arizona and the Basilica of St. Ignatius in Rome, Italy. The company’s other project listed on their web site includes the renovation of an old warehouse in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Although it does not list any locations, the description indicates that it is “an exciting opportunity to work with a talented group of architects, engineers and fabricators who will take the building to the next level.”

Arc Church Builders of New Jersey may not be the only party involved in the construction of this church. It sounds like the business is in partnership with the archdiocese of Newark, which has oversight over all of the churches and schools within the archdiocese. It is also being managed by the Bergen Catholic Dioceses in New Jersey.

The business is listed on the New Jersey Department of Commerce website as a builder of “charitable projects.” No further information is available there, so it is difficult to tell whether the church construction company will perform any of the tasks involved in the project. If it is a nonprofit organization, then they may conduct religious services and/or meetings on the property. They may also hold fundraising events for the church and provide facilities for spiritual activities.

A quick search of the Internet reveals some information about the company. It says the firm provides “a variety of high quality, custom-made stained glass panels for use in churches and other buildings.” It also provides “state-of-the-art technology” for “high volume cathedral ceiling reconstruction.” A representative from the Archdiocese of Newark referred questions about the project to the church’s site manager. The representative did not respond to a request for additional information.

The site manager was able to answer some questions about the nature of the relationship between church construction and the developers. He said, “It isn’t a contract that we have with them [the church] but it is a consultorship that we provide to them.” He declined to provide further details. As the church is in “RCI certification mode,” the firm will not be required to submit construction plans to the archdiocese. In a letter to the developers, the archdiocese expressed its “concern” over the “uneven” relationship between the two companies.

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