New Year Resolutions in Online Dating – Setting “Achievable” SMART Goals

Have you seen the amount of adverts on TV for dating websites at the end of December and the start of January? Obviously single people want to find love, romance and companionship in the New Year, and many will want to look for it with online dating, but where do you start, and what is fair to expect? Setting goals is one way of getting started with any project, including online dating, and this article looks at how to set achievable goals. Achievable is the A in SMART goals speed dating hong kong.

One advert recently has two people bumping into each other in a DVD rental shop and singing about their favourite movies and realising they are right for each other. When I rent DVDs there is very little chat between single customers, and occasional arguments between couples about what to rent. Now this may very well happen in someone else’s local DVD rental shop, but not mine. But it is still a great analogy for online dating. The great thing about online dating is that this is essentially what can happen between people, but it doesn’t happen in either the real life DVD shop or an online dating site if you don’t get there in the first place. Then, when you get there, you have to start interacting with the other customers to see who you click with. When you find a potential date, you have to see about interacting with them out of the shop, and off the site 交友app香港.

There is an element of reasonable expectation here. You might soon get a date with someone in the DVD rental shop; you don’t get a 聊天室

date with someone in the DVD! At least, not too soon. The goal here isn’t just to get a date; it’s the things you have to do on the way to get that date.

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