5 Top Abs & Stomach Exercise Tips For Rock Hard Abs and a Flat Tummy

Having flat abs is at the top of most of our want lists. Everybody has a desire to have a flat stomach, and a flat belly is also the most desirable body part for both men and women. Besides the vanity issue (wanting to look HOT), having flat abs and getting rid of your excess stomach fat also means that you are lowering your risk of having a heart attack drastically.

Now whether you are single, married or you have dependents, having a rock hard stomach will hold numerous benefits for you. This will mean that if you are single, you will increase your pulling power to attract hotter partners; if you are married you will rekindle the love flame and get a hotter sex life in return; and if you have people (small children) depending on you, that you will increase your life span and be able to look after them for longer. Life would be great with flat sexy abs (and much healthier), right? You betcha!

Well, here are a few things you Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews can do to now increase your chances of getting that flat abs you desire:

Top Abs&Stomach exercise and diet tips for rock hard abs and a flat tummy

Be more physically active

Increasing your calories expenditure in any way possible will go a long way to help you shed that excess weight. Try and be more physically active each day. Like taking the stairs instead of the lift and by walking your dog more often.

Do exercises you enjoy

There is no reason in doing exercises you hate. If you hate something, you are less likely to do it. So by sticking to exercises that you enjoy, you increase your chance of actually doing the exercises.

Take up weight training

Weight training builds muscle and by building muscle, you are replacing your fat with lean muscle mass. Now here it the secret: If you train with weights, you will burn calories even in your sleep. This is because muscles need more calories to maintain itself. So the more lean muscles you have, the higher your resting calorie burn.

Train the abs from the 4 different angles

Most people go about abs & stomach exercise as if the abs is one muscle. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make and may even lead to injuries. When doing exercises for your abs, pick exercises that target each of the different abs muscles. These would include rectus abdomins exercises (the six pack), internal and external obliques as well as transverse abdominal exercises.

Do interval cardio training

Doing high intensity cardio training for 20 minutes is one of the best ways to lose stomach fat. Interval training would involve doing a minute for minute workout where you increase the intensity every minute for 5 increases and then you decrease the intensity for 5 decreases every minute. Repeat four times until your 20 minutes are up.

Look at dedicated exercise equipment

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