Top 5 Diploma in Education Programs

A Diploma is usually a diploma or degree issued by an educational establishment, like university or college, which indicates the student’s successful completion of a certain course of study. The Diploma has four distinct phases, which signify the four academic years in higher education. Completion of each phase grants the student the title of “Doctor”, which is the highest educational honor bestowed on graduates.

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Diploma in Health Services (DHS) – This program is designed to prepare students for a career in clinical and administrative fields related to health care This is awarded to candidates who have successfully completed courses in subjects like health administration, public health, and social services. Some of the prerequisites for this Diploma are completion of high school. It may also be achieved by taking courses in subjects like psychology, sociology, human services, and law enforcement. Most of the students to apply their studies in these fields and pursue careers related to these disciplines in hospitals, doctor’s clinics, and other institutions. An online degree program can help people complete theirHS Diploma in just three years.

Diploma in Public Administration (DPA) – The second phase of this Diploma qualification is for those who want to pursue careers in government. In order to pursue a career in DPA, the candidate must first earn a bachelor’s degree, and then he must pass an exam that qualifies him for this Diploma. Usually, candidates with bachelor’s degrees are preferred by most employers.

Diploma in Vocational Training (DTVT) – Those looking to change their careers can attain a Diploma in Vocational Training. This Diploma is offered by vocational training institutes. This Diploma is a two-year program that requires completion of two years of education and training. The course involves learning the basics of teaching and researching for a professional certification in teaching. Students can obtain their Diploma in this manner, either through a campus-based or online study program.

Diploma in Education (EdD) – The third phase of the Diploma in Education program is dedicated to students who have special needs. This Diploma course is generally offered by colleges or universities in collaboration with EdD organizations. In order to participate in an EdD program, a student must possess a General Educational Development (GED) and score high on the TOEFL and/or ISEE tests. These diplomas are worth double the value when presented with a host of career options after education.

Diploma in Computer Science (DCS) – Computer science is one of the fastest growing fields in the US. Many companies hire graduates of DSS degree programs, which further leads to lucrative salaries. A Diploma in Computer Science lets the recipient take up advanced positions in various corporations. Some of the career options available after earning a degree in Computer Science are systems analyst, architect, software engineer, information systems managers, and information technology research analyst.

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