Shared Vs Dedicated Short Codes

A short code is a short phone number, generally 5-6 digits. These codes are used by numerous individuals or companies at the same time. Shared codes are the most commonly used type of short code in the text marketing industry. They are much less expensive than dedicated codes and generally work very well. The two biggest pros of shared codes are price and ease of setup. Most carriers providing shared codes charge a monthly fee for use of the short code, bundled with a specific number of messages you can send each month. To use a shared code you select your own unique keyword and then market it to current or potential customers (e.g. Text Demo to 77948).

Some common problems associated with a shared code are brand confusion, keyword availability, and the risk that your code could be shut down. Brand confusion can occur because one code can be in use by hundreds or thousands of businesses at the same time. The only thing differentiating between each user on the same code is their keyword สร้าง qr code. The same keywords can used by other businesses in the same industry on a different code. Because these codes are hard to relate to anything if a competitor uses the same keyword on another short code customers could become confused very easily.

Selecting a keyword can be difficult. If you have a business name that is common and you are using a shared code that is already in use by several others, getting a relevant keyword or one you want, can be very difficult. If your business is Joe’s Pizza you may want to use Joe as your keyword but Joe may be in use by Joe’s Burger Barn or Joe’s Shore Store or some other business known as Joe’s. Another thing to be aware of is the risk that your shared code could be shut down. A code can be shut down if the carrier or another user is abusing the short code.

Dedicated Short Code

In comparison, a dedicated short code is the same as a shared short code but you are the only one using it. There are a number of pros associated with using a dedicated code. First, having a dedicated code allows you to use any keyword you want and all texts to that number will always come to you. Second, a dedicated number can be made specific to your business or organization (e.g. President Obama used a dedicated short code, during his campaign, of 62262 because the numbers correspond to the spelling of his name). Third, you are solely responsible for your dedicated number so you don’t have to worry about it being shut down if someone else does something wrong.

Probably the biggest con or disadvantage of a dedicated code is the price, which is much more expensive than a shared code. The price for a dedicated code is in the neighborhood of $500-$1,000 per month or more if you are requesting a specific number, like the Obama example above. In addition, if you have a dedicated number you are solely responsible for being in compliance with all industry rules and regulations. Last, the process of setting up a dedicated code is much more complicated and can take several months to secure and set up.

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