Top 3 Foods For Flat Bellies

If you are trying to achieve a flat belly, you are probably doing some of the right food-related things already, like watching your portions and avoiding junk food. Genetics do play a role in where your body stores fat but even if that place is your belly area, you should not despair! There things you can do, like favor some foods that can make your job a lot easier and let you see results a lot quicker:

It is well known that refined carbohydrates like rice, refined bread, pasta and corn among others, contribute directly to weight gain besides serious conditions like diabetes Okinawa Flat belly tonic and heart disease. Eating complex carbohydrates like whole grains instead can help you drop more than twice the belly fat as those who don’t eat them because they reduce the production of insulin in your body and insulin encourages the body to store fat. Drop white bread from your diet and look to replace it with a genuine whole wheat bread. Besides being far more nutritious, they are much tastier. Similarly, drop white pasta and replace it with whole wheat pasta and replace white rice with brown rice. And instead of refined cereals, switch to oatmeal or whole grain cereals.

Studies show that adding even a few ounces of nuts to your diet can make a huge difference to your waistline in a short time. Researchers speculate that this may be because of the added fiber but you do need to keep the portions down to an ounce or so because of the high calories. Almonds lead the list of good belly-fat busting nuts and about two dozen of them add up to about an ounce or 160 calories. These are followed by cashews (16-18), hazelnuts (18-20), peanuts (28-30), pecans (18-20), pine nuts (150-157), macadamia nuts (10-12), walnuts (7 whole), pistachios (45-47) and Brazil nuts 6-8).

You probably already know that proteins help you to build muscle but you should also know that they bust belly fat too! Research has shown that those who ate proteins lost about two pounds more belly fat than those who did not. Protein also helps you feel more satisfied after a meal and you should try to get about a quarter of your calories from protein. For breakfast, eat cottage cheese, eggs, fat-free milk and fat-free yogurt. For lunch, try soybeans, tuna, lentil soup and a vegetable burger. For dinner, add brown rice, lean beef like a tenderloin, skinless chicken breast and quinoa.

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